What to Expect

Before treatment

To ensure that we are staying safe during the covid-19 pandemic:

The treatment room will have windows open to provide ventilation. I am thoroughly cleaning the treatment room between every client and I will wear a mask and visor throughout the treatment. I sanitise my hands regularly and I’ll ask you to sanitise yours as you come in.

If you have a mask please can you wear it, I also have disposable masks that you can use.  

Please could you bring your own water for the end of the treatment.

Please do let me know if you have had any covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has in the last 2 weeks. 

On your first visit, I will chat with you confidentially about your general health and lifestyle.

You should always let your therapist know:

  • of any medical conditions you have, and treatment or medication you are receiving if you are, or think you might be, pregnant
  • if you have recently had an operation or surgery
  • if you have had any injuries that might affect your treatment – such as a recently healed broken ankle as this may affect the type of treatment you can have
  • If you have any allergies


You are likely to feel very relaxed after a session; you may feel like having a snooze or a long bath, and luxuriating in the feeling a bit longer. Some people feel emotional afterwards, just from the release of tension. On the other hand, depending on your treatment you may feel really energised.

Your reaction is not always predictable but the likelihood is that you’ll feel much better when you come out than you did when you went in.  As with other treatments, it’s a good idea to arrange a session when there aren’t too many demands on you afterwards.

You will probably get a lot out of a single session and then you can decide if you would like to book more.


Should you be unable to make your appointment for any reason, wherever possible I ask all clients to give at least 24 hours notice to change the appointment. This time allows me to reschedule and offer another client the appointment who may be on the waiting list.